Dhogie Band

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Lost For Words

Track 11 LOST FOR WORDS ( John Humfrey and Busker Jones)

How relationships can founder on a lack of communication but succeed if the bonds are strong enough.

1 Standing there talking with a tale to tell

A travelling man with a vision of hell

Harder by the day getting harder by the night

Easy to be wrong not so easy to be right

2 A smooth talking man he said he'll throw you a line

Draw you a picture and he'll make you a sign

He'll buy you all the roses with the money you save

Give you back your chains says he'll be your slave

3 Lost for words and your tongue is so tied

You want to believe but you know that he lied

Lost for words but your body replies

Loving in the evening sun

4 Solo

5 You burnt all your bridges now you'll see it through

He can't say those things that you wanted him to

The smile on your face lets all your feelings show

He takes you to the place you always wanted to go

6 Chorus straight in

7 Life's not so hot until your soul's on fire

Say you've had it easy and i'll say you're a liar

It's like breaking rocks in the heat of the day

Running cross the coals just to make him say "I love you"

He takes you to the place you always wanted to go

7 Lost for words .......