Dhogie Band

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Life Is Strange

Track 7 Life Is Strange (Geraint Jones and John Humfrey)

A simple acoustic track sung by John to the beautiful acoustic guitar playing of Reuben. This reflects three years of acoustic sessions at tapas and tunes in Blas@Fronlas in Newport Pembs

1 Life is strange, never change, time keeps moving on

In the Past went so fast didn’t care at all

People rushing all around like there’s no tomorrow

Dreams fulfilled and dreams of dreams

Dreams that never happened

All I ever wanted was you

Looking through the crystal ball seeing us together

There’ll be another time, it’ll last for ever

When I look into your eyes there’ll be no tomorrow

Just the two of us today forgetting all our sorrow

Life is strange, never change, never change at all.

Years they fly, they go by, faded leaves of autumn

Wind may come, wind may go, stars they shine and flicker

Dreams fulfilled and dreams of dreams………….