Dhogie Band

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Leaving Me

Track 6 LEAVING ME (John Humfrey)

A song of love and loss. The Dhogie Band started off as The Contraband Blues Band and we are delighted after 50 years to have recorded a blues track. Lee Mason on electric guitar and Reube Wilsdon-Amos on acoustic.

1 You're leaving me lonely, leaving me sad

Gone with the good times making room for the bad

Leaving me lonely so hard to explain

Taken the pleasure and left me the pain

Sounds of a lover, sounds so hard to forget

Wishing that sometimes, that we'd never met

2 You're leaving me lonely I won't take the blame

Sitting here crying but feeling no shame

Leaving me lonely are you hurting too

I did everything that you wanted me to

Lines on my pillow no life's not the same

I reach for your body well I'm still still calling your name

3 I tried to believe that I've been misunderstood

I did what I can Lord I did all that I could

I brought you good loving just like breakfast in bed

You told me forever then you left, left me for dead

4 Oh you're leaving me lonely I keep trying to find

Good reasons for living and peace in my mind

Leaving me lonely it makes no sense at all

But I saw them coming those words on the wall

Memories fading the lights change to blue

Wherever I'm going I'm left, left thinking of you

5 Solo

6 I tried.................

7 You're leaving me..........