Dhogie Band

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Heading For 70 

Track 4 Heading For 70 ( John Humfrey and Busker Jones)

I'm heading for  70 - I don't care

1 I’m heading for 70 - I don’t care

My hair was long and now it’s not there

I’m heading for 70 - that’s alright

I can still rind the bell - still strike a light

2 Wheels are turning on and on

Nights on the road those days are gone

Wheels are turning tomorrow’s out of sight

3 I’m heading for 70 - it could make you cry

I’ve lived my life and that’s no lie

I’m heading for 70 - the music’s fine

Love’s been sweet - I’ve walked the line

4 Wheels ………..

5 I’ve played the streets not paved with gold

The days were long the nights were cold

6 A young man’s dream is getting old

My secret’s out - my story’s told

Gonna sing my song till my breath runs dry

Gonna play my tunes till the day I die

7 Solo

8 I’m heading for 70 now I don’t care

My cup is full and I’ve had my share

I’m heading for 70 - I’m on the run

As I turn my head to the setting sun

Wheels ……..