Dhogie Band

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Hard Man

Track 5 Hard Man (John Humfrey and Lee Mason)

1 He's a hard man heading for the hill, hunting for a lover like a lion for a kill

He's a hard man he's riding so high, born to feel the earth but he's reaching for the sky

I said hard man don't you look back, the devil's on your shoulder he taught you how to track

He's driving through the rain, feeling no pain now, shadows dance behind him and they're trying to be the same

Cos he's a hard man.

2 On the wild side serving on the line, everyone's a loser you're a winner every time

Got a kind side it's hidden way below, tight lipped about a secret and a smile you never show

Said hard man I don't know what to say, your life is filled with trouble and you live it day to day

He's driving through the rain feeling no pain now , shadows dance behind him and they're trying to be the same but he's the hard man.

3 His eyes are dry he thinks he's getting by, it happens all the time but you know it's just a lie

His heart can plant the seed you know it feels the need, he's aching for the touch that will let his body bleed


4 He's a hard man like a frost he sends a chill, he never tasted love and now he knows he never will

He's a hard man she looks at him and sighs, really wants to hold him but she turns away and cries.

Said hard man you're living with your pride

You can't take the train you didn't pay her for the ride

He's driving ......................

5 All on his own, a standing stone, a man on a mission in a desert all alone,

He's a hard man got no fears living on his own and it's been that way for years

I said hard man, yes he's the hard man, I said hard man.